27 Jun 2010

Vocal Breath Support Mastery from Guest Blogger Steven Flam of "Breathing Rx."

BreathingRx For Singers – Vocal Breath Support Mastery

Even though ideal vocal support is dependent on factors like posture, diaphragm training and the right body release, there are some very easy and simple things you can do with your own body that can help you immediately with your singing. This exercise is simple and effective and will continue to help you improve as you practice it over time. When a singer can relax the abdomen completely, the abdomen can be felt to release all the way around. Lowering the abdomen correctly frees up the diaphragm to more easily support the voice and add resonance to your sound. It also allows you to take more oxygen into your body and blood helping you focus more and calming the nervous system.

Diaphragm Releasing Exercise:

1. Stand straight but relaxed, (back relaxed, not stiff or arched.)
2. Put the hands together across the low abdomen in front.
3. Release the abdomen into the hands, don’t push out with the abdomen at all.
4. Feel the hands support the abdomen in and up slightly.
5. Open the mouth and LET yourself breathe passively for a few minutes.

Great! Now sing something slow and easy in the middle of your voice range pausing in between phrases in order to LET the air in, (do not force air in at all.) Keep the chest relaxed and shoulders down.

Can you feel the abdomen moving during the inhale?
Can you feel the abdomen release more deeply?
Can you feel the release a bit lower with each breath?
How does singing feel easier to you?
You can use this to warm up the breath before practicing, voice lessons or performing.

I hope this short exercise has been useful. I have helped many singers of all styles with these quick and powerful tips as well as many others including: solving jaw and tongue tension, and how to maximally train your diaphragm for super powering your vocal support in an easy and safe way. These may be found at my Facebook page by following the link below.


Steven Flam has spent over 33 years developing ‘The BreathingRx For Singers System’ in collaboration with Metropolitan Opera Star Atarah Hazzan. Steven has taught throughout the US, Cananda and Europe and is the developer of ‘The Vocal Breath Support Mastery E-course and Teaching Aid’.

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