3 May 2010

Sore throat and sickness the night before a performance or presentation

What happens when, the night before a performance, audition, or presentation, we feel that “something” coming on? That feeling that can’t be ignored. The “semi-sore throat” that is starting to itch and feel a bit ragged. The small but persistent aches through out the body. The headache that only comes when we feel like we are getting sick.

What can we do, knowing we cannot pull out from the next days event?

As voice professionals we usually do not have the option to call in sick. We need a way to deal with this scenario that doesn’t do more harm to our bodies and especially our voice. The classic solution is to go out and buy some Nyquil Cold and Flu medicine and hope it works. Usually all that happens is it knocks us out so we can sleep better.

Unfortunately we also wake up as if we had just done a 16 hour flight in a packed airplane. Incredibly groggy, whacked out mentally and seriously weak with no energy. Not only that, most or all of our symptoms are still present and getting worse. Even worse, our throat and voice, the most important part of our body that needed the healing, is in shambles.

I have a very easy and effective way you can take care of yourself naturally, and wake up with literally no symptoms in the morning. I first learned of this remedy from the great Natural Doctor, Dr. Schulze- The “Herb Doc”. He is an amazing doctor of herbal and natural cures. He can be found at Herbdoc.com. I have used this technique when on the road and at home when some little virus or something else has found it’s way into my body. The results are truly amazing and I highly recommend it to everyone.

When you feel the symptoms coming on, follow this procedure:

1. Fill up the bath tub with the hottest water you can handle.
2. Brew a full quart of herbal tea. Dr. Schulze says to use any herbal tea but I have modified this section. Use at least two or more tea bags. I use a detox tea to get rid of the toxins in my body, echenacia goldenseal tea to fight the virus or whatever is in there, and throat coat tea to help my throat in crisis. The combo is a serious power punch.
3. Fill up a large bowl with ice cold water and put a small wash cloth in it. Set the bowl next to the bath tub within arms reach.
4. Ease into the water so as not to burn yourself. Make sure you do not hurt yourself. If it is to hot then wait until it has cooled enough for you to handle the heat. But make sure it is very hot when you get in.
5. While in the water, begin to drink the tea you have brewed. It may take a while to finish but try and finish the tea.
6. Every minute or so, use the cold wash cloth on your face and head. You will begin to sweat as you sit and drink the hot tea. Sometimes I just cover my face with the cold washcloth because I am sweating so profusely.
As you are “roasting” so is the virus or whatever has gotten in to your system. You are literally burning this out of your system from the outside and the inside. The herbs are working and doing their job as well.

I have added another section to this procedure to finish it off. This is also a Dr. Schulze recommendation, but not in conjunction with this procedure.
I finish by draining the bath water, then take a cold/hot shower. ( Be careful when you get up, you may be very dizzy from the heat).

Turn the shower on to as cold as you can stand it for 20 seconds or so. Then immediately turn it to as hot as you can stand it for the same amount of time. Do this seven times. Then finish with a cold shower for 3 minutes or so.
Doing this procedure 9 out of ten times takes care of anything I feel “coming on”. It is an amazing remedy. It is also an excellent scenario for your body. It is like a massive cleaning through heat and water.

I then go to sleep and wake up ready to go. Sometimes I have caught things soon enough and wake up feeling as if the symptoms did not even happen. Other times I still feel a small amount of the symptoms but am totally able to perform.

Good luck, and as always, good luck on your quest for Superior Vocal Health.

About the Author:JAN ALAN SCHWARTZ

Voice Professional and Business Owner

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