We thank you for visiting the Superior Vocal Health, LLC website…learning more about our company and our product line. The following are a few of the most frequently asked questions that we encounter about our products. We hope that we have answered them for you to the best of our ability and invite you to contact us with any further comments or questions you may have.

Q. Why was the Superior Vocal Health line of products created?

A. Superior Vocal Health LLC was created for the sole purpose of helping Voice Professionals take care of their voices naturally with certified organic herbal formulas. Through years of personal performance experience, we found that voice professionals deal with a myriad of vocal issues on any given day. These issues can be detrimental to ones career and have long term negative effects on the voice. They cannot be addressed by a simple spray. This is why we created and entire product line to help ALL the issues voice professionals face on a daily basis.

Q. What types of vocal issues are we talking about?

A. Voice Professionals, despite their training and expertise are subject to vocal issues such as a tired and over used voice, clogged sinuses, dry mouth and throat, allergies and more. These issues can result from anything to staying in hotels, continual airline travel, talking to much, poor diet and basic sickness. However, for the voice professional, the show or presentation must go on. They need a solution to these issues that doesn’t negatively affect their voice and body, such as OTC drugs, which can dry out and harm the voice and throat. The solution is the Superior Vocal Health complete product line. It helps you to heal quickly, naturally and continues to  help strengthen and maintain the voice.

Q. What are the products and what can a Voice Professional expect?

A. We currently have four outstanding products in our line and are continually researching and developing new products.  The four products are as follows: Vocal Rescue, a concentrated and a time tested blend of more than 10 different herbs including anti inflammatory herbs, that has been called by some voice professionals, “THE must have vocal health product for tired and over used vocal cords.” Vocal Rescue is an easy to use gargle that helps to coat and restore the throat and vocal apparatus due to excessive use, tiredness, and/or sore throat due to colds, laryngitis and tonsillitis. Its can be very helpful for throat and vocal repair.

 Sinus Clear Out. Sinus Clear Out is an extremely pungent formula with aromatic compounds that produce vapors that may help the sinus passages to open and dilate in order to drain them, deepen breathing and help to kill microbial inundation. It is dropped on the tongue and the vapors are inhaled up into the sinus passages, then swallowed. It is packed with powerful herbs, the most potent and powerful of these include Garlic, Horseradish and Cayenne. It was created for one of the most pressing and common issues voice professionals have to deal with; clogged sinuses due to cold, flu and allergies.

 Throat Saver Throat saver is an original formula created for sore and dry throats, to aid and help remove excess mucus and debris from the throat and vocal cords that can accumulate due to post nasal drip and infection. In addition it may boost the immune system, reduce swelling and inflammation of the throat and cords, and help with dry mouth syndrome due to reduced saliva flow in the mouth by helping to keep the salivary glands active. It promotes clearing of the throat of mucus congestion in order to remove lingering mucus that needs to be expelled. When used in moderation Throat Saver can be used continually through out the day. Throat Saver can be used during rehearsals, backstage at performances, during presentations and for general daily maintenance for the voice. The herbal combination is formulated to give the voice professional ongoing support while helping to aid in restoring and energizing the throat and vocal cords.

Stage Fright  Stage Fright is a perfect mix of natural amino acids that may relax the nervous system. Stage Fright may help to promote relief from anxiety and stress that can often accompany performances. Unlike many chemical products that may leave a person drowsy, foggy and slow to respond, It is safe and effective allowing a performer or presenter to focus in on the task at hand and still relax while doing so.