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The Results Are In And They Sound Great!

The Superior Vocal Health line of products have already been helping Musical Artists as well as Vocal and Non-Vocal Professionals around the world maintain and rejuvenate their Voices, below are just some of our Superior Vocal Health Users.

Take a look at what they have to say about Superior Vocal Health…

“I love the Superior Vocal Health products. They are invaluable both in maintaining a smooth and strong vocal chord and also in preparing for a performance. Great stuff.”

-Jimmy L. Webb


Billy Joel credits Jimmy as a major influence on his own foray into the music business. “When I was starting out as a songwriter,” says Joel, “I looked to Jimmy Webb as one of the most innovative and musically proficient songwriters of our generation.” His songs transcend their precedent-setting critical and commercial acclaim to achieve the level of true classics – a permanent part of the American musical landscape, the soundtrack of an era.

“Before I used Superior Vocal Health Throat Saver Spray I sounded like a songwriter who sang but after I used Throat Saver Spray I sounded more like a singer who wrote songs.”

– Barry Mann


You’ve Lost That Lovin’ Feeling – the most played song in radio history, Just Once, Here You Come Again, On Broadway, Somewhere Out There, Don’t Know Much, Never Gonna Let You Go, Sometimes When We Touch, We Gotta Get Out Of This Place… the songs are familiar, enduring favorites penned by one legendary songwriter, Barry Mann.

Superior vocal health helped me get through a period where I actually lost my voice . SVH really did the trick I got my voice back and was able to continue doing concerts worldwide”.

 -Carmine appice


Legendary Recording Artist

Performed With:

Beck, Bogert & Appice (Lead Vocalist), Rod Stewart, Ozzy Osbourne, Pink Floyd, Vanilla Fudge, Blue Murder,  Cactus, Ted Nugent, Paul Stanley & more.

“David, Thanks so much for Superior Vocal health Vocal Products. I Love them!!!”


Internationally Acclaimed  – Atlantic Records Recording Artist.

Jack Russell – Lead Singer for Great White

“The way I keep my Vocals in Top form is by using Superior Vocal Health Formulas. In fact, wherever I’m at My Throat Saver is always with me”! 
Internationally Acclaimed  – Carib Music Artist Roxanne “ROXXY” Webster
Soca Awards Winner 2012  – for the Independent Hit Song “Delete”

P. Unni Krishnan:
“These products from SVH are simply Amazing. There is really something about them, they work perfectly for me”.
Renowned India Superstar  – P. Unni Krishnan

Musical Artist  – “WIZARD”
“Using Superior Vocal Health Throat Saver & Sinus Clear Out has become a life changing steady routine for me. It not only helps my Voice, but it promotes improvements to my overall Health! I never leave home without my SVH with me”!
“WIZARD” is a noted Music producer, Musical Artist and Virtuoso Drummer. He created “Stand Up For America” The Rock National Anthem, which was sent to the U.S. Troops in the Gulf & Iraq War by the U.S. Government. Received the 3M Visionary Award for the Remake of James Brown’s “I FEEL GOOD”.
Organized the “Rock For The Troops” military tour and is the recipient of numerous awards for his musical originality and concepts.

Larry Davis:
“Doing an average of five voice-over sessions every weekday can take it’s toll on my voice, especially when doing my Morgan Freeman style. I use one spray of Throat Saver before I start every session and it opens up my voice. I’ve found that even if I’m tired my voice sounds alive, rich and warm. It’s an essential for my studio in Hollywood and I consider Throat Saver one of my secret weapons. In my business taking care of my instrument is a top priority.”
International Voice Over Expert:  Clients including –  Fox News, ABC Sports and McDonalds.

Tony Harnell:

“In my years of rocking all over the world, I have tried many a product claiming they will help me take care of and heal my voice. Nothing has even come close to Superior Vocal Health. Thanks David, your Sinus Clear Out and other products are the real deal. My voice thanks you every time I use your outstanding line.”


“Superior Vocal Health products don’t just get you through the gig, they get you through the TOUR!”

Tony Harnell – Lead Singer for Skid Row &  Norwegian Metal Band TNT.

AC Alexander:“AC Alexander has the rare gift of being accomplished at his instrument, while simultaneously being able to transfer those skills to others in a way that they can understand. That quality, combined with his passion for all kinds of music makes AC stand out among guitarists. Truly unique in both knowledge and presentation.”– Mike Bradford – Producer, Musician – (Kid Rock, Deep Purple, Anita Baker, Stevie Nicks)


AC Alexander – LA based guitarist/musician currently with Metal Blade Recording band –  Lizzy Borden.

Kecia Lewis:

“Superior Vocal Health’s Vocal Rescue and Throat Saver are nothing short of miraculous. I use them before a show, after a show and even during a show. I highly recommend the Superior Vocal Health products and hope you use them as well.”


Kecia Lewis  – Broadway Singer & Actor (Shrek, Chicago, Drowsy Chaperone); Television Actor (Crossing Jordan, Law and Order)

Jaime Vendera:

“Since I’ve discovered Superior Vocal Health, I never leave home for rehearsal, a performance workshop, or a television show without it. Now, I have an arsenal for my allergies. SVH has my glass shattering seal of approval.”


Jamie Vendera –  World Renowned Vocal Coach, Author, TV Personality and World Record Holder for Shattering Glass with the Voice.

“These products are simply life savers. I get hoarse easily and need my voice whether it’s singing, producing records or band leading. No matter what my scenario is, I need to be heard. Every singer, actor, broadcaster or public speaker needs to make these 3 little bottles as handy as their not using them could have a direct impact on the quantity of money in that wallet! I simply love the help it gives me and the knowledge that it’s herbal and can be used whenever needed.”

– Fred Mollin: Legendary Record Producer, Musical Composer, Film/ TV Composer


Produced:  Barbra Streisand, Billy Joel, Simon & Garfunkel, Miley Cyrus, Bruce Springsteen & More.

Judy Rodman:

“I tried your ‘Vocal Rescue’ and ‘Throat Saver’ products and like the way they make my throat feel.. which helps me confidently support my voice when going for a bigger sound. We don’t know til we try, and each singer is individual so these things must be evaluated on a case by case basis. Worth the try.”


Judy Rodman Award Winning Artist, Singer and Song Writer. 

Guruganesha Singh:

“I just turned 60 and my voice is actually getting better thanks to the wonderful herbal formulas from Superior Vocal Health. Singing and chanting is part of my daily devotional ritual and the Throat Saver and Vocal Rescue have completely enhanced and strengthened my voice in addition to allowing me to sing longer and clearer. I also give multi day seminars as a professional sales coach for major corporations around the world. These products have been nothing short of a life saver for my speaking and coaching.

I’m very grateful to have discovered these vocal remedies just when it seemed that the aging process might be winning the battle.”


Guruganesha – Sikh devotional musician and expert guitarist. 

Paul D’Adamo

“For me, David, this is THE product to maintain my vocal health with my schedule. Between recording the next album, touring, and teaching my vocal students, SVH is by far the best product I have ever used for my voice. Your product has become a staple for my daily routine.”


Worked With: Elton John, Peter Gabriel, Phil Collins, Genesis & More.