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More than just a throat spray.

At Superior Vocal Health we know that your Voice is the most important gift you possess. Being voice professionals ourselves, we know from personal experience that we don’t have just one vocal issue. We may have many vocal issues, such as an overused and tired voice, mucus in the throat, clogged sinuses, or a dry throat / voice and more. These vocal difficulties can’t be addressed properly and healed by a simple spray.

That is why we have created a complete All Natural, Organic, Vocal Health Care Maintenance Product Line.

Each formula is crafted specifically for the issue you are going through at the time. So no matter how you need to take care of your vocal issues at the moment, Superior Vocal Health has you completely covered.

Once you have experienced Superior Vocal Health, you will never have to worry about your Vocal Health again. Superior Vocal Health, Natural Voice Care Solutions for the Voice Professional. Created by a singer for Singers !

Throat Spray

Throat Saver Spray
  • Easy Use Throat Spray
  • Helps reduce mucus
  • Helps keep the voice moist
  • Helps fight throat infection

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Sinus Clear Out

Sinus Clear Out
  • Easy to use Dropper
  • Garlic and Horseradish Oils
  • Helps open clogged sinuses
  • Infection fighting formula

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Vocal Rescue

Vocal Rescue
  • Easy to use Gargle
  • Anti inflammatory herbs
  • Helps restore a tired voice
  • Rejuvenation formula

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Stage Fright

Stage Fright
  • Tasty chewable tablets
  • Helps reduce anxiety
  • Non-drowsy formula
  • Helps mental clarity

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